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Health Benefits of Tea (and How to Cook With It)

Health Benefits of Tea (and How to Cook With It)

Health Benefits of Tea (and How to Cook With It)

Calling all tea lovers! Whether or not you get pleasure from a chilly brew on a scorching summer season day or a scorching cup on a chilly winter night time, tea has some nice well-being advantages. This scorching beverage is brimming with antioxidants that protect the physique's cells from injury. Ingesting tea is hydrating, boosts the immune system, prevents bone loss, and should assist shield towards coronary heart assaults and stroke.

Do you know you possibly can cook dinner with tea? I am right here to let you know not solely is it attainable, but it surely's tasty too! This could be a welcome boost to artistic most important dishes, desserts, and sauces. The simplest solution to start cooking with tea is by including it to freshly made marinades and sauces for meat, fish, or poultry.

Useful Suggestions And Concepts When Cooking with Tea:

Perk up gravies, soups, and stews by including some brewed black tea. Add a tablespoon to gravy, and one-half to at least one cup to a pot of stew or chili. Really helpful teas are a powerful black tea akin to Keemun, Assam or Yunnan.
Substitute brewed inexperienced or oolong tea for water when poaching hen or shrimp.
Use dry tea leaves as a salad topping for added taste and crunch or strive brewed inexperienced tea in your favorite salad dressing.
Mix dry tea leaves with spices and herbs and floor right into a powder to create tasty rubs for meats, poultry, and fish, including a scrumptious twist! Use hearty black teas just like the Ceylon Kandy, Lapsang Souchong, or Assam that are nice for creating rubs.
Add taste to your rice dishes with tea. Cook dinner rice in brewed tea, as an alternative of water. Or, crush free tea and blend with cooked rice. Really helpful teas to make use of with rice dishes are Genmaicha, Sencha or Jasmine.
When making exhausting boiled eggs, infuse the boiling water with tea leaves to provide eggs a marbled look on the whites when exhausting boiled. The tea seeps using the slight cracks within the shell on the finish of cooking which creates this marbled look. Inexperienced or black teas work nicely.
Brewed tea can be utilized as a braising liquid, or as a seasoning for marinades. As the bottom for a sauce, fruit juices acquire a depth of taste with the addition of tea.
There are several strategies for brewing tea for cooking that may make sure the tea won't be too bitter.

Pour pure spring water on the leaves and permit them to brew at room temperature as much as 20 to 30 minutes.
Use 1 teaspoon of tea per eight ounces of water and steep about 3-5 minutes in water that's below a boil (180-185°).
Chilly brewing is one other methodology of preparation. Use 2 teaspoons of tea per eight ounces of chilly water. Steep for two hours.
Use these options to get artistic within the kitchen, whereas boosting your well being!

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